Visual Identity System

The visual system for the city that never sleeps. CITY BRANDING
Kraków Branding
Serce Krakowa

Krakow is our city

When creating the visual system, we were interested in reflecting the nature of our city in the best way possible. It is the city offering lots of interesting events. The city which thrives but its residents are never in a hurry.


Tailor-made system

The graphic leitmotif was the typical city structure: streets, squares, and parks which are always alive.


It was a real challenge to create a consistent but flexible system which provokes new and interesting solutions. That was why we created a set of four tools: a map, icons, a frame, and clouds.

The symbols of Krakow acted as starting points for telling urban stories with the use of an alphabet of icons. The frame makes communication strictly ordered. It strengthens the message and emphasises the number of projects implemented by the city.

Zasmakuj w Krkaowie
Smok czuwa

The city is a live structure formed by people, so we have developed a cloud as a tool to generate space for discussion.


The project has been recognised with prestigious brand design awards:

Reddot awars 2017 winner, Kreatura '17

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