Kompania Piwowarska
Debunking myths with humour

Our simple idea

Using humour instead of a lecture and moral lesson is the best way to debunk myths about drinking and driving. This is how we got our educational message across to a wide range of drivers.

What is important

In cooperation with Andrzej Milewski, author of the popular fan page Andrzej Rysuje, we created content to warn people about certain faulty thinking, such as "if I drive carefully, it will be ok" or "it's only a few kilometres; what could happen?" This social media campaign was for Kompania Piwowarska their most successful campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


> 3,64 mlnSocial media reach
(FB, Instagram, Twitter)

> 1,4 mln 

We educate with Kompania Piwowarska and Andrzej Rysuje.