Circle K Enormous Circlosaurs rule

Circlozaury atakują
Our simple idea

Almost all of us have once dreamt of having a dinosaur on their own. That is why we have created Circlosaurs. These are dinosaurs from Circle K which may be taken home. Together with the brand, we have made the dreams of children and many adults come true.

What is important

We have built a simple but engaging activation for the customers of the station. No matter if they have come to buy 100 litres of petrol or just four hot dogs, during the campaign they may take a Circlosaur with them.

Extra Club
Ciclozaury Ourdoor
Ciclozaury Standy

We have built the awareness of the campaign by using range communication. In order to make entertainment even more intriguing to consumers, we have added a unique, proprietary board game.

Circle K ad campaign