Hortex Icon of naturalness

Our simple idea

Naturalness is one of the most generic and hackneyed benefits in the history of advertising. But we did not let it frighten us. We simply have found a better ambassador for the brand — Mother Nature — and we have built the brand's communication around her.

What is important

Our "celebrity," Mother Nature, meets two key requirements. First, it clearly communicates the main benefit of the brand in all areas of Hortex’s activity. It suits juices, drinks and frozen products. Secondly, it is well known.


The introduction of Mother Nature into the Hortex communication was just the first step. Using Mother Nature, we created the brand world, which is hard not to like. Our protagonist is accompanied by an entourage of frisky and likeable characters, complete with a large dose of humour.

Hortex making of 1 Hortex making of 2 Hortex making of 3 Hortex making of 4

For fourteen years, we have been developing the Hortex communication. We care about the consistency of communication in all channels as well as in product categories. We are not worried that Mother Nature can get boring. To the contrary — we constantly find new ways to maintain the interest of our consumers.

Making of

Opus B for Hortex