Xylogel Scientists know better

Our simple idea

Xylogel is an extremely effective product. That is why in subsequent aspects of communication it has undergone a series of extreme tests conducted by a team we have appointed. The team consists of scientists from Qatar and a group of the most demanding consumers.

What is important

Xylogel is distinguished by its exceptional, gel formula thanks to which the drug works just where it should work (in the nose) and it does not run down to the throat. The dramatisation of this benefit is a key element of the advertising we create.

Xylogel klatka 2 Xylogel klatka 3 Xylogel klatka 4

For three years of cooperation with the brand we have created an unusual and recognisable communication convention for Xylogel. Advertising spots attract the attention of the audience with their humour and hyperbola. At the same time, they are consistent in building the awareness of unique brand proposal: it works just where it should work and does not flow anywhere else.

Xylogel ad