ABB A frank voice from the great corporation

Our simple idea

ABB is proud of the fact that it is a corporation. It can't be bothered with the cult of start-ups among millennials. It is not sorry for its size and global reach because it knows that this way it can provide its staff with ideal conditions for work and development.

What is important

We are not intimidated by the widespread start-up fad. While it's true that millennials want to see themselves as go-getters overflowing with creativity, most of them do not want to devote their whole time and young life to starting up their own business. What they value more is the work-life balance and the possibility to develop their passions.

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We gave ABB a very distinctive character. In the end, what really counts is what the corporation has to say to young graduates. That is why we opted for a purely typographical communication style — self-confident and cheeky, not being sorry for what ABB is.

Take it

The „Proud to be ABB” campaign was distinguished in the Employer Branding Excellence Awards 2018 competition.

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