Biovital Complex New communication formula

Our simple idea

We are inspired by those who make an impression on us. Especially if they have such inexhaustible energy as Urszula Dudziak. We want to know the reason why she is so lively and we are not.

What is important

We have reversed typical age roles. In our message, the "senior" has become a role model for overworked 40-year-old women.


 125 % The sales target
for Biovital Complex
has been exceeded

+ 17% Total sales growth
for Biovital brand

The effectiveness of the campaign was appreciated by the jurors of

Effie 2018

by granting it bronze award in the category “launch/relaunch”.

See our Biovitalni campaign which has won Effie 2017.

New face of the Biovital Complex campaign