Biovital A second life for the well-known brand

Our simple idea

Small steps = big changes. We have shown that big changes are achieved through everyday small steps, rather than huge revolutions. Biovital strengthens the effects of healthy behaviour to lead "a biovital life" — enjoy energy and vitality.

What is important

The brand has a reputation for having an elderly, almost geriatric image. Its products used to be perceived as a gift for the oldest family members. We did not let this bother us. We have rejuvenated Biovital by making references to the realistic assessment of readiness to introduce changes by Poles in their best years.

We chose a person whose behaviour and character perfectly personalises the idea of "a biovital life." Urszula Dudziak is one volcano of a woman. A volcano of energy. Her legendary temperament reflects the brand's promise in a very graphic way. By using her vivid hit "Papaya," we created a very recognisable brand mnemonic.

Urszula Dudziak

No.1Comeback as the leader
of sales in its category

 27% increase of sales in 2016

The effectiveness of the campaign was appreciated by the jurors of

Effie 2017

by granting it one of three awards in the category "medications and food supplements."

See our campaign for Biovital Complex
which has won Effie 2018.

Reklama marki Biovital - idea “biowitalnego życia”