Raiffeisen Polbank
Bank of Citynauts

Our simple idea

Millennials show a very ambivalent attitude to the cities in which they live. They value cities for all the opportunities they offer. They hate crowds, noise, traffic jams, smog — the everyday hectic life. But we decided to relieve this pressure — Raiffeisen Polska makes it easier to live in the city.

What is important

We based the communication of the brand on the dialogue of Citynauts — millennial influencers well rooted in the city culture — with the bank. They share their everyday experiences, good and bad sides of living in the city. The bank replies and suggests solutions. This is the basis for a dialogue, which is genuine and plausible to the audience.

made by Ruda

The city is a very diverse place. One cannot pin it down or measure it with a single value. That is why we show city experiences through a kaleidoscope of film techniques and styles. The agitated and vibrant nature of the communication reflects the pace of the lives of our young consumers.

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